The 3rd album from Canadian underground legends Arthur Funkarelli.

Funkarelli's most polished album is a potent blend of bombastic, sonic mayhem and lush production by one of the hottest young producers around.
Produced and mixed by Darren Grahn at Mushroom, Profile, and Hipposonic studios in Vancouver, Waves is a tour de force of indie-rock gold!

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Goldie's Revenge

Arthur Funkarelli's 2nd album.

A true northern punk/funk classic! Goldie's Revenge is an in-your-face onslaught that never lets up.

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Goldie Rogers Presents...

The debut album from Arthur Funkarelli.

Goldie Rogers Presents...captures the sound of Arthur Funkarelli in its rawest form; recorded and mixed in just 24 hours the heavy soul grooves explode off this disc unadulterated.

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